Societies are changing. Artificial intelligence (AI) challenges our status quo due to its multiple benefits but also due to the risks posed by an active implementation of this advanced technology in our daily lives. 

AI transforms multiple industries from healthcare, retail, or legal services. It has a significant influence on aspects related to climate change and space exploration. 

Given such various applications, a series of fundamental question arise:


- How are regulators balancing the need of protecting citizens without hindering innovation? 

- Can AI help fight climate change?

- How can we ensure designing AI for social good?

- Should the use of autonomous weapons be permitted or prohibited by law?

- Can AI mitigate cybersecurity risks?

- How is AI being used for space exploration? Is Space Law challenged by the increasing use of AI?


In such context, the course proposes a multidisciplinary approach in what concerns the concept of AI. We invite our participants to embark on a holistic journey composed of a critical analysis of AI implications, from Earth to Space. On Earth we will analyse the ethical and legal dimensions of AI, comparing the European landscape with international landscapes. We will focus on real life applications of AI in both digital and physical worlds. Further, we will travel to Space and we will get acquainted with recent trends, such as NewSpace, while we seek to identify how Space Law applies in the era of advanced autonomous AI.


In order to accomplish the course goals, a variety of industry professionals and researchers will provide up to date strategic insights. The course materials are highly revered publications in the form of academic research papers. Recent case studies will also be discussed and interpreted in class.




The Winter Academy course can be followed individually but for a comprehensive overview on multidisciplinary aspects related to AI, we recommend you also attending the Summer Academy.